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uygur. president obama just told republicans i'm ready to compromise, are you? folks, it's game on in washington. tonight republican leaders under fire for being the party of no. "usa today" says they're acting, are you ready for this? like the taliban. plus mitt romney is at it again. another day, another flip-flop. with all his contortions, this guy's going to need obama care. and president clinton says to president obama, don't blink in his standoff with republicans. i'll give you my thoughts on that. welcome to the show. i'm al sharpton. tonight's lead, president obama ramps up pressure on republicans to do their job in the debt fight. this afternoon, the president pressed congress to make a long-term deal on the debt ceiling. >> i don't think the american people here sent us here to
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avoid tough problems. that's in fact what drives them nuts about washington, when both parties simply take the path of least resistance. >> the president says he's willing to compromise, but are the republicans? >> it's my hope that everybody's going to leave their ultimate mate tums at the door, leave the political rhetoric at the door and we're going to do what's best for our economy and what's best for our people. >> the president spoke, as it's becoming clear that the republican leaders are feeling the heat, facing tough new criticism for not being willing to compromise. today in "new york times," conservative columnist david brooks wrote, quote, if responsible republicans don't take control, independents will conclude republican fanaticism caused this default. they will conclude that republicans are not fit to govern, and they will be right.
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end of quote. an "usa today" editorial says negotiating with republicans over taxes has become as futile as trying to bargain with the taliban over whether girls should be allowed to attend school. joining me now, senator sherrod brown. senator, how are you today? >> good, reverend sharpton. i liked your line about obama care and romney. pretty good. >> let me ask you, what did you think of the president's statement today? >> i was actually on an airplane during part of that, but i've listened to your comments and read about it, talked about it with people. he's right. the democrats have compromised already. we have made major cuts, proposals of major cuts in many things that we don't really want to cut. they have not been willing to take away tax breaks from oil company, they have not been willing, the rpg, to deal with issues like hedge fund tax
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breaks or raising taxes on upper income people who have had their way for most of the last ten years. just back to the clinton levels when we had great economic growth. so they don't want -- they are so imprisoned by the far right wing that governs by the way david brooks, that conservative columnist, really governs from this ideology that's way out of touch with the american people. >> but, you know, "new york times" says the white house is offer tens of billions worth of cuts in medicare and medicaid. why offer those cuts before the republicans have agreed to anything of new revenue? >> i wouldn't. i wouldn't negotiate that way. to me we shouldn't be cutting medicare. you know, medicaid -- i'm very fearful of what could happen to medicaid. that takes care of people, the elderly, the poorest people in society, a lot of poor kids, and we have no business going after them when -- look who sacrificed the most in the last five years anyway? it's been the middle class and the poor in the wealthy have
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done well, so we're going to extract more from the middle class and poor? and let the wealthy off again? as happened in some token -- some token loopholes to close, as important as they are aren't enough that we should go to the table and cut medicaid for poor kids. >> you know, senator, some republicans are hinting that they could support tax increases as long as they're called revenue savers. people kind of play to their base, so is language, revenue save says, tax expenditures. take a look at this. senator corn and mccain, i mean, are republicans just playing words to satisfy is the tea party base? are they really being chased by the tea party? let me show you this. >> we can bring down rates, eliminate a lot of tax expenditures or loopholes. >> there were certainly revenue raisers in other areas perhaps we could work on. >> republicans are oppose to do any tax hikes.
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>> american people didn't want is the taxes raised. >> i mean, there seems to be mixed signals here. are we playing a language game? if you call it this, i'll do it, but if you call it that, i can't go home with the tea party. >> i don't care what they call it. i've been around the house and senate for 17, 18 years, something like that now, i've never seen a political party so govern itself by fear, that they are so afraid that the tea party will be unhappy with them. the candidates change their position on climate change. they're all afraid to talk about a fairer tax system. they don't mind going after pell grants from medicare to planned parenthood to head start in order to placate the far right corporate base, the kind of freedomworks, dib armey, koch
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brothers, and they're getting played as fools. it's unfortunate, it has a huge impact on the fear factor that seems to be motivating the far right and washing across the republican caucus. >> thank you, senator sherrod brown. >> thank you, reverend. now it's time to "meet the chairmen." ed ren den and former rnc chair michael steele. good evening to both. >> good evening, rev. >> today president obama outlined a balanced approach. take a look at this, mr. chairman. >> i believe we need a balanced approach. we need to take on spending in programs, in defense programs, in entitlement programs, and we need to take on spending in the tax code, spending on certain tax breaks, and deductions for
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the wealthiest americans. >> but chairman steele, is this really balanced if it's trillions of cuts? >> i think so. when you know the real driver here is spending we didn't get here because the government want collecting enough revenue. at some point along the way, we got out of line and started taking more out of economy. i think the president is right. the question for republicans is, okay, let's get specific in the details of what exactly you mean. >> that's always is the problems, the details. >> reverend, you know that. >> there's some giving on each side. it seems there's an
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enflexibility on her side. >> first, if i might, he said we didn't get here because of not enough revenue. we got here because of spending. the last time i looked, when bill clinton left office, and he had increased revenue by raising taxes on the top 2%, we had a whopping surplus. we got here, let's be clear about this, michael. we got here because the republican party gave tax cuts and never paid for them. >> no, no, i can't take this sillyness anymore, you are absolutely incorrect on the history of it. >> now, let me finish. >> hold it, hold it, chairman steele. let the governor finish. >> bill clinton left the office with a surplus. >> because he had republicans who didn't spend. >> michael, don't interrupt. this is not fox. you've got to learn you're on something other than fox. >> wait a minute, i waited all my life. i'm in charge.
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governor rendell, you go. >> he didn't pay for them. that created this massive deficit that we have. spending contributed to it, i agree, but we have to address both. we have to cut spending, continue to cut spending, and we have for increase revenue. right now the democrats are offering 17% in revenue increases and 83% in spending cuts, as david brooks, a respected columnist said, take the deal, for the good of the country, take the deal. >> now, let me ask you this, michael. "new york times" says more than half a dozen outs republican freshmen already facing primary fight from tea party challengers. aren't republican lawmakers afraid they'll lose their jobs if they don't hold the party line on the deficit? >> i don't think so, reverend. >> when you have david brooks saying aren't these guys just scared the the extremists in the ahead party? >> i don't think so. certainly i had a hand at getting a lot of them elected. i know firsthand that these individuals are very principled
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in their arguments and beliefs. they don't care if they're going to be primary challenged or going to lose their seat. they're here to fight the battle over spending. they're here to cut the growth and size of government intrusion as much as they possibly can. >> but they also want to get reelected outside of washington. republican governors pushing this agenda are tanking in the polls. >> yeah, they're tanking in year one. they have a four-year term. let's see where they are at year 3 1/2. when mitch daniels started as governor of his state, he did exactly, exactly what you saw in wisconsin, and what you've seen in ohio, and, you know, his numbers went through the bottom of the floor. the man got reelected with 78% of the vote three years later, because his policies, when they went into effect, they worked. >> let's look at the polls action and i hope they're watching. rick snyder down 25%, rick scott
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in florida down 20%, kasich down 11%, scott walker in wisconsin down 9%. jan brewers down 8%. are you telling me this doesn't matter to people who have to run? >> it doesn't matter, because it matter no more than a poll today saying that president obama is behind mitt romney a year out from the eye electric? are you going to say my god, it's all over for president obama, because he's trailing mitt romney by four points? no, it's 2011. >> governor rendell, how do you respond to this? >> let's wait and see what the policies do, just like we saw in indiana, and let's have this conference in 3 1/2 years. >> governor rendell. >> i agree with michael about polls far out, three years or even a year out. they don't mean much, but what polls should concern republicans is what the american people are saying on the issues. they don't want this budget to
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be balanced by cutting only entitlements. they don't want it to be balanced by cutting spending, programs that are helpful to vulnerable americans. they want a mix, a balance of revenue increases by closing off loopholes against rich people who have taken advantage of the system and compses who have gained the system. 38% selfamerican corporations pay no corporate income tax. the american people want that ended, michael. that's what your party should be afraid of. >> governor, you're absolutely right. 47% of the american people don't pay income taxes, either. are we going to tax them? >> sure. we should. >> i'm glad to see that, ed, then you're absolutely where we need to be, putting everything and everyone in the mix when it comes to balancing the budget for future generations. >> so when you say, michael steele, putting in everything, that means we can say a news flash that the former rnc chair, michael steele agrees to closing corporate loopholes and dealing
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with taxing millionaires. >> absolute liver -- oh, i'm not, and we have brought you over. this is wonderful. >> remember, al, the important thing here is nobody on the democrat ecside, including president obama said that at this time asking them to raise tax rates. we're asking to close loopholes, cut off these tax expend stirs. if they could do that, shame on them. >> that's right. let me ask you both a prediction. will we have a deal? >> i don't think so. >> i agree with the governor, i don't think we will. i think if we have anything, governor, i'd like your thoughts on this, it will be a baby thing that won't amount to much and will not begin to solve the problem. >> yeah, i think michael is right about that, reverend sharpton, just like what happened when the budget deadline was there for last year's budget, it was a deal that really didn't do a thing. it was a face-saving device. we'll fight this out -- >> well, we'll see what happens.
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i think both of you are right, we may not have a deal. it's harder to move an elephant than slap a donkey. [ laughter ] >> oh, my goodness. coming up. showdown in minnesota, and republicans still refuse to make millionaires pay their fair share. thousands rally in atlanta, protesting georgia's antiimmigration law, and now there's prove the fight is working. and later, president clinton's advice to president obama -- should make republicans afraid, very afraid. stay with us. at bayer, we're re-inventing aspirin for pain relief. with new extra-strength bayer advanced aspirin. it has microparticles, enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief to the site of pain. it's clinically proven to relieve pain twice as fast. new bayer advanced aspirin. you get nothing for driving safely. truth: at allstate, you get a check in the mail twice a year, every year you don't have an accident.
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the shutdown on the minnesota state government is in its fifth day. now minnesota governor mark dayton is sitting down with republicans, but he's warning them, they're going to have to give a little. >> i've said for weeks now, you know, i'm willing to compromise, meet halfway. so, know, hanging tough at the plate of intrance gens is not leadership. >> the issue that they're, quote, hanging tough on is tax cuts for people making over a million a year. in other words, they're shutting down the government to the sake of 7,700 people, just 0.03% of
6:19 pm
the state. while republicans are protecting the rich, dayton is going to bat for the rest of the state. he's fighting for those who don't fall into the 0.03%. because across the country and is the average american is suffering. just take a look at this. texas public schools will start the year without textbooks. los angeles is cutting over 300,000 hours of public bus service. camden, north carolina, was forced to lay off half of its police staff. and in smaller cities like wilmington, north carolina, fire departments are being forced to work with faulty equipment. so what -- that's what makes dayton's stand so important. he's fighting, and his fight is a microcosm of what's happening around the country. he doesn't want to see it happen in his states. joining mess is huffington post
6:20 pm
alex wagner, also an msnbc analyst. thank for you joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> what are you seeing? >> a couple things. i think the republicans in large part have seen this as an interesting political exercise. as you want, there are real consequences to this. there are 22,000 people in minnesota wo don't have jobs right now. the first people that will get cut and the first people to feel these shutdown? services are the elderly, the blind, the poor, the people struggling to hang on and people facing foreclosures. the idea they can go about this as a theoretical practice ignores the fact there's a human elements to all of this. >> a poll says 63% favor a mix. why aren't republicans just listening to the constituency? >> i think there's always a dismissal of the democrats, you
6:21 pm
know, and their platform. i think, to your point, there is a widespread feeling in this country that it's going to hurt. everything nose we'll have to do some belt tightening. to me it's illogical that the republicans are being so hardline on this idea of raising taxes. to your earlier point, we're talking about 0.1% of the population here. these are the people they're playing defense for, i think to a lot of americans, is inexcusable. >> is minnesota just a microcosm? >> i think we'll see this on the national scene. the same argument, can we raise taxes? will we raise taxes? the idea that both parties will have to come to the table. i think democrats have been much more opening, and they're expecting the same from the republicans. >> have the democrats given too much, though? you could say the republicans are winning the war of
6:22 pm
messaging, you know? they've had a united party line saying they are not going to do this, and playing to the very end. minnesota is a great example of that. in the long run, i do think the american people, the people that are hurting, the people without services, there's been a backlash. you look at what's happened with popularity in states where governors have maid draconian cuts. there's a real public anger. >> but look at dayton. he seems to be standing firm. i mean, is he an example of where the democrats ought to be, saying this is the line, and i'm not going beyond a certain point because of the majority of my state is with me, and does not want toss 0.3% get everything? >> i think a lot of democrats are happy to see someone playing hardball out there, right? but at the end of the day they have to come to an agreement.
6:23 pm
you have even walter mondale going in there and sort of trying to broker an agreement. almost like mom and dad are coming to the table to make sure the kids stop fighting. to that degree, look, five days is one thing, 15 days is another. this budget shutdown is sharper than the one in 2005 that hit the state. i think there's a real sense it can only last for so long. >> thank you, alex -- "huffington post" alex wagner for joining me. >> thank you. let's talk to someone in the center. minnesota republican house majority leader matt dean. good evening, mr. dean. >> good to be with you, reverend. >> good to be with you. >> governor dayton wants to increase taxes on people who make $1 million or more. that is a group that totals 7,700 people in his state of 5.3 million.
6:24 pm
that's 0.03% of the population. is it worst cutting programs for the vast majority of people in your state to the benefit of less than 8,000 people? >> reverend, actually our budget increase is about 6%, so unlike 29 other states, minnesota is fortunate in that we have a 6% increase. we have to fund or our priorities within those means. it's going to kill job. basically minnesotaens are like a lot of other folks across the country. we're fed up and tapped out, and we can't afford 25% government growth. folks are saying you have to live within your means, 6% should be enough. your budget proposal included a long-term a rirm that -- so why
6:25 pm
are you bringing all this -- that brings by the fiscal concerns of that? >> well, as mencken said, when they say it's not about the money, it's about the money. in this case it's about more money for more spending. that's what the argument is about. >> when we believe we have an unnecessary shutdown in minnesota, we asked the governor to bring us back on a temporary lights-on bill that would keep government functioning. he said no, and now we find ourselves in this mess. >> now, let me get this right. it's about the money, band because you wanted the governor to bring you back, you'll throw in photo i.d. for voting and abortion, that's your idea of trying to really just get back to the money? >> actually, reverend, the offer
6:26 pm
that was on the table was just fiscal in nature, and the governor said no, and walked away and now we're in a shutdown. we want to bring our workers back. we have good hard-working folks, and a lot of people that rely on those services, we want to get them back working, so we're saying, governor call us back. >> you know, senator, i've been an activist, pay for what i believe in, arrested for causes, gone to jail. i've done what i believed in. 87, though of 134 house members, and 52 of 66 senate members have collected their july paychecks while the state workers are not. and they're scheduled to keep doing that. let me ask you a question. you're the leader. have you kept your check? >> in fact in 2005 we had another shutdown. >> no, i'm talking about this check. have you kept your july check? >> here's why.
6:27 pm
>> why means yes, i assume. go ahead. yes, sir. i was the auld thor of that legislation that said if the legislature doesn't get its job doesn't, doesn't come to an agreement, they don't get paid. in this case we had a balanced budget with a 6% increase, and the governor vetoed it. now we find ourselves in a shutdown situation. we want the governor to get the state moving again. >> all right. thank you very much, minnesota house majority leader matt "kept his check" dean. thank you for your time. >> thank you. it's almost funny watching mitt romney, or sad. another day, another flip-flop is or con job of the day. get this, speaker john boehner is leading one of the least productive congresses ever.
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flip flopping maestro mitt romney has had a change of heart. his reversal of a reversal is our con job of the day. one of the romney's favorite
6:32 pm
campaign talking points is to trash president obama's handling of the economy. >> he didn't create the recession, but he made it worse. the economy was in recession, and he made it worse and made it last longer. >> he did not cause this recession, but he made it worse. >> of course, the facts disprove his claim that president obama made the recession worse. the gdp has grown under president obama. the recession ended more than two years ago, and the country is now adding jobs instead of losing them. last week romney tried to pretend he never made the claim in the first place. >> i didn't say that things were worse. what i said was the economy hasn't turned around. >> but it didn't take long for romney to flip-flop on that comment. here's what he said today. >> the president came in, he didn't cause the recession, as you know, that was heading into
6:33 pm
a recession at the time he took over, but he didn't make it better, he made things worse. >> be of good cheer, though, romney supporters. he's consistent in one way. he's always changing his mind, but his latest flip-flop of a flip-flop is not only ridiculous. it's our con job of the day. coming up, fighting the extreme georgia's antiimmigration law met with massive protests. folks, the fight is working. and president obama was criticized for telling congress to do its job. guess what? he was right. i'll explain. stay with us. at bayer, we're re-inventing aspirin for pain relief. with new extra-strength bayer advanced aspirin. it has microparticles, enters the bloodstream faster
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6:37 pm
2008 campaign. also with us, victoria defran chez ko-soto. she's an assistant professor of political science at northwestern university. finally josh trevino, vice president of communications at the texas public policy foundation think tank. welcome is this the do-nothing congress? they've done little more. the house has passed a pathetic 50 bills this their first five months, the lower in 15 years. >> what do any of you have to say? >> i think it's great. this congress was elected to block the obama 'enda.
6:38 pm
they're doing it. great graze. >> why did she get upset when the president said they weren't doing their job unless you think their job is just to block the president? >> well, you know, the republicans in congress may think that's their job, but i think the american people voted for them because they wanted jobs, because they saw the economy needed some work. even some of the people that support them voted them, because they wanted to solve something, instead of trying to reach a deal, instead of trying to reach a deal, so they're standing in the way of getting the debt hand, in the way of getting a jobs bill passed, and sitting on the sidelines just waiting for somebody to do something to make their lives better. >> victoria, usually you win football games by scoring, not just blocking the other side from scoring. how will this work? the republicans feel according
6:39 pm
to josh and josh knows what he's talking about, that just blocking president obama is enough. the fact they're not doing anything, no big thing. >> well, this play of defense, which essentially is a paralysis of congress is a godsend for obama. this is precisely what he wants, but where does this perhaps country from? it's interesting, because it's both institution and and -- anytime you have more than a slim majority in congress or in an institution, you tent to get infighting. there's not that pressure to keep that internal cohesion. second of all, with the rise of the tea party, yes, there's always been internal strife in both parties, but we have never seen anything like the tea party, so you have your moderate republicans, yew john boehners, not know what to do with this new movement. so i think this has made for an exceptional paralysis.
6:40 pm
>> josh, isn't it true what she's say that a lot of the moderate republicans that that the tea party has gone so far to the right, that one writer said it's not looking like a party, but an advocacy group? >> yeah, correct me if i'm wrong, but you're quoting david brooks. i can't think of anyone more poorly placed to accurately describe modern conservativism. the party has become so extreme and so far to the right that they won a majority in the house of representatives. you know, that speaks for itself. simplts the question is, can they maintain the majority? a lot of them are in trouble, according to the polls, and a lot of governors are in trouble. the fact they may won may end up
6:41 pm
being their worst night mares if the polls are right and we go to the next election cycle this way. >> well, i think i and every other person on the right will take the nightmare of being an incumbent majority. we'll figure out a way to handle that. >> jamal, you were communications dnc, can't the democrats use the fact that they've been so extreme, and all polls has shown that americans want to see certain things protected, want to see some of the wealthy americans pay their share, won't this gabfire on them in the long right? >> absolutely. >> and medicare, of all the republicans in the house voted for paul ryan's medicare bill that quit medicare. they just hand money to insurance companies. i tell you, that is not something thatport people in america want senior citizens, people on the verge of being
6:42 pm
seniors, and about to get that medicare do not want it cut. these republicans will all have to answer for that. >> victoria, how do you sell to the american people that those that have made the more can get away with doing less, and that seniors those that are disabled, those that are students, education, they have to make the sacrific sacrifices. >> reverend your term "selling" is the absolutely correct term. obama has the opportunity to frame this, to get the democrats to mobilize, but if he lets this go by, the right thing will be able to come back in 2012, so obama needs to hammer home this message of we need to keep our education moving forward, we need to keep us from medicaid cuts. if we remember, a lot of the problem with the town hall
6:43 pm
meetings a couple summers ago was the on obama administration didn't play offense. they sat back, didn't sell their message, so he needs to play offense. >> our next question, are anti-immigration bad laws? and bad business? thousands of protesters marched in atlanta this weekend against georgia's radical antiimmigrant law, which may be even worse than arizona's "papers please" law. it's not just a bad law, it's also prompted immigrant workers to flee the state, leaving 11,000 farm jobs unfulfilled and crops literally rotting in the fields. it may cost farmers more than $250 million in loss this year alone let's start with you. >> it's just an unwise fiscal policy here. not only did they lose money in
6:44 pm
terms of tourism, but also if the law were actually to be implemented as it was written, the cost for the law enforcement to come out and you would further drain public coffers. what is so interesting here. it's not specific to latino, this anti-immigrant rhetoric. 100 years ago it was the same receipt ricks, just different faces. anytime we have an economic recession, we scapegoat the minority. here, latinos are bearing the brunt of this, and the interesting thing is people at the forefront against immigrants in the south and in other places in the southwest, are not those people whose jobs are threatened by low-skilled workers. it's not the fellow latinos or afric african-american socioeconomic status. middle -- it's interesting, why are they so opposed to immigrants?
6:45 pm
>> josh? >> yeah, that's something -- i'm sorry to talk over you, but one point i want to make, it's not just -- we have actually talked about this, and it's something she speaks with great authority on, but i think there's an expansion of her remarks that needs to be made. first it's not just folks within the tea party. you have a lot of people concerned, including people here in texas. the doctor notes rightly that we've seen it in arizona previously, and we have seen a lot of self-selecting loss of business and people in the state as a result of the sb 1070 there, but the one thing we haven't seen and i don't think we will see, even if the law is fully implemented, if the courts allow that, is significant civil rights violations which are massively predicted and certainly significantly touted
6:46 pm
as injustices that would be visited upon hispanics in particular. >> we've got to go. thanks, everyone on today's panel. it was a great conference. >> thank you. coming up, affirmative action is until fire across the country, but the fact is that may be putting republicans in a tough spot. that's next. >> ( rooster crows ) >> by 2020, 50 billion network devices will roam the earth. that's seven devices per person. this will change how we work in ways we've never before imagined. what do you need to secure your people, their devices, and your business? a network that can evolve and grow to protect your human network.
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we're back with a big win for those of us who care about fairness, equality and real civil rights. late friday a federal court overturned a michigan law that banned affirmative action in college and other public institutions. the sixth circuit court of appeals ruled the law was unconstitutional. >> all of us believed then, as we still do now that diversity is what has made american great. equal opportunity is what continues to make america strong. >> but the fight is not over yet. michigan's republican attorney general says he'll appeal the ruling and may send this debate straight to the supreme court. over the last decade, conservatives have tried to end affirmative action across the
6:51 pm
country, doing so, under the guise of, quote, civil rights. joining me is charles ogle tree, how do you do? >> doing great, reverend sharpton. hope you're doing well. >> great. >> let's take a look at a map. we had a mash, showing these states, all have had introduced to them antiaffirmative action, and some were called civil rights laws is this something we're seeing all over is the country? >> remember, jennifer grass was one of the plaintiffs in the michigan case the supreme court did not uphold that case. she now works for the american civil liberties group in sacramento. that's a conconservative group.
6:52 pm
so this litigation has been going on around the country, and challenging it, and this was a very strong opinion by judge cole, guy cole from the sixth circuit, which covers michigan and other states in the sixth circuit, in a 2-1 decision. they reversed a lower district court opinion, and reaffirmed the fact that the supreme court said in 2003 race matters, race is a factor. >> but some people, doctor, say we don't need affirmative action anymore, yet when we look at michigan, look at the graphic since it was banned in michigan, since affirmative action was banned enrollment has gone down 11.4%. they've been losing minority students since the law went into effect in 2008. what do you say to people who think it's an obsolete policy or worse, it's reverse discrimination? >> i think the numbers you cite
6:53 pm
maybe that point very well that it is an important policy. without the idea of diversity as a principle, you see disappearing numbers, and it's from california to michigan to massachusetts. it doesn't matter where you are. so we are a country of immigrants. we represent the country that protects diversity and promotes diversity. some people have this naive sense that we have elected a black president, so we don't have any more racial problems. we do. we have them all over the country and i'm glad people are protesting in places like michigan, saying we have to open the doors for people who are qualified and diverse to make sure that we have a court -- a list of lawyers, women and men who look like america and who have the ability to -- >> let me ask quickly, because we're running out of time. one that strikeses me is they're
6:54 pm
not just getting these initiatives passed, but how they're doing it, thee adopting the language of civil rights, for instance, the names of the organization, the california civil rights niche tiff, the inclusion, the michigan civil rights, and now the attorneys saying, quote, embodies the fundamental premise under the law will continue the fight for equality, fairness and rule of law. >> they thought they were voting for something to protect diversity, now end it. they didn't know that.
6:55 pm
>> i've got to stop you, professor. thank you. we'll be right back. ver 100 yea. and today, we're re-inventing aspirin for pain relief. with new extra-strength bayer advanced aspirin. it has microparticles so it enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief right to the site of your tough pain. ♪ in fact, it's clinically proven to relieve pain twice as fast. new bayer advanced aspirin. extra strength pain relief, twice as fast.
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i believe we need a balanced approach. this will require both parties to get out of our comfort zones and both parties to agree on real compromise. i'm ready to do that. president clinton has some good advice he says, quote -- the white house could blink. i hope they won't, i don't think they should blink. well, i don't eats. we've learned that eric cantor will rejoin the meetings as of thursday. i hope the president, i hope the democrats make it clear that just like there are those that are extreme in this country that believe things there are those in the middle willing to compromise, but not willing to
6:59 pm
blink i learned that i was young, people will chase you as long as you run. i think the democrats and the white house should not run. we need to stand still. more people chase rabbits than hunt bears. rabbits run from you. bears you 07b8 get one shot. they have taken that you are shot. let's come and show them that we stand for something. i rarely have agreed in the internal 2ke78ic debates with bill clinton, but when he said don't blink, all i could say is, amen. bill clinton is right this time. i 24i that many americans are hoping that the republicans understand that it's time for a compromise to be shared sacrifice. thanks for watching. i'm al sharpton. "hardball" starts right now.

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